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Slogans are the New Gentrification


by Ann Turner

From the flashy headlines of national newspapers and the glossy billboards in the downtown core, to the enthusiastic proclamations of investors and the cheerleading statements of city politicians, much is being said about the “renaissance” of our city. Words like “revitalization”, “reinvention”, “renewal”, and “redevelopment” are thrown around to talk about Hamilton as an up-and-coming city of boundless possibility. Walking down the street, sleazy men on slick real-estate signs advise those that pass by to “Build the Ambitious City”. Commentators speak of budding community, artistic innovation, and economic opportunity. But what does it all mean? These phrases hide far more than they reveal, painting a rosy picture without acknowledging all those left behind and thoroughly fucked over by the changes happening in Hamilton. So, lets look at two popular slogans a little closer: Continue reading Slogans are the New Gentrification