The Cannon St. Bellows

Bellow, for the angry roar emanating from deep within this city’s core. Because there are no good options for us in this changing landscape, as we are torn out of an exploitative and destructive industrial past and shoved in a precarious and alienating future. The rich and powerful want us to feel that we are part of these changes — to imagine we are all being lifted up together. But it’s clear we have nothing to gain from condos, pipelines, militarized police, or the monotonous sham of electoral politics. These are attacks, and we will respond accordingly.

Bellows, for the beautiful instrument that stokes a fire. Because we want to fan the flames of discontent in Hamilton, and in the process create space for something new. We are not afraid of change – we simply desire a sort of change that will never be considered on CHCH or in the vapid pages of the Spec. Radical change is difficult, disruptive, and most importantly it never comes from those in power. We want to confront the systems that oppress us head on instead of waiting for the elites to do something for us.

This publication is an attempt to analyze how power works in this city, to build autonomy, and to collectively dismantle the rosy lies we are fed by politicians, developers, cops, and their shady friends. We want to celebrate the resistance that goes on all around us, and conspire new ways to fight back.

We are not a political party or a cult.
We don’t have funding or a sales pitch.
We don’t have a plan for your future.
We are just a crew of pissed off Hamiltonians with a bunch of uncompromising ideals and a printer.